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Patient Comments

The Park Orthodontics staff strives to provide a positive experience for all our patients. Here are what some of our patients say about Dr. Park and our office.


*The braces made my smile a lot brighter and better.  A smile with crooked teeth doesn’t look good as a smile with straight teeth.  I would like to thank you for your effort and time to fix up my teeth.  You are a great dentist.  

Patient, Age 10


*I like the comfortable, relaxed, professional environment and work ethic at Park Orthodontics.  I’m also very pleased with the results of my teeth.

Adult Patient


*The thing that I like about Dr. Park is she’s nice and I could tell she loves kids.

Patient, Age13


*Dr. Park provides individualized care that is in the best interest of my child.  She is knowledgeable and I have total confidence when I bring my child to her for treatment.

Parent of Patient


*I thought that braces were going to be very difficult because that’s what I had heard from my friends.  However, it was all easy and I love the service and the dental techniques at this office.

Patient, Age 13


*Dr. Park is a very efficient orthodontist.  She is very good at taking care of people and making them feel welcome.  I am very happy with the results of my teeth so far.

Patient, Age 14


*Dr. Park is a low-key, down-to-earth dentist and yet is confident.  I also like the relaxed environment and friendly staff.


*I liked Dr. Park when I met her.  She offered me a very easy solution for my problem.

Adult Patient


*The office is very friendly—whenever I come in I always have pleasant dealings with Dr. Park and her assistants. 

Patient, Age 12


*Dr. Park always explains everything she does and is always open to questions. 

Adult Patient


*I was impressed with her credentials and she has a great reputation as an orthodontist.

Parent of Patient


 *Patient results may vary person to person

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