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The First Visit

There is NO CHARGE for the initial consultation and it usually takes about 15 minutes.

During the first visit, Dr. Park will perform an oral examination and determine:

  • if treatment is necessary
  • why it is necessary
  • whether you need braces or some other type of appliance
  • approximate length of treatment
  • approximate cost of treatment

At the initial visit, Dr. Park will also answer any other questions you may have concerning eating, oral hygiene, possible oral risks associated with sports, mouth guards, discomfort, TMJ or other jaw pain, or anything else you want to know.

Orthodontic Records

If treatment is advised and you wish to proceed, diagonostic RECORDS will be taken so that a final treatment plan can be devised. Records include:

  • two special radiographs
  • photographs of your teeth
  • photographs of your face
  • an impression of your teeth

The records take approximately 30 minutes to complete and can usually be done immediately after the initial consultation or can be rescheduled later at a more convenient time. There is a one-time fee for the records.

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